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The Unlikely Story of How We Came To Be
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           The early hours of January 26th, 1994 marked a significant, if a bit groggy, opening chapter in the life of In The Buff. Dodge Rea and Curt Siffert met outside a dormitory at 2:30 in the morning to plan the acceptance rites for the other soon-to-be members. They knew that it was a common ritual for a cappella groups to go and drag new members out of bed early in the morning for a sing-in and a breakfast. But seeing that they were a new group, knew no songs, and had to pick up ten members between the two of them, they were afraid their efforts at creating a special memory for their new singing mates would be seen as little more than an out-of-tune, middle-of-the-night mugging. Especially since they were making them pay for their own eggs and coffee.

           "Screw it," they decided, and set out pounding on doors. And after three exhausting hours of driving through snowdrifts and sliding through icy intersections, they finally succeeded in rounding up the guys for a wholesome breakfast and an orange-juice toast to All That Might Be.





The Original In The Buff, 1994

           Now, we have all the makings of a cult: bizarre rituals, mind control, and unchecked blood sacrifices. We discourage association with the tone-deaf, we often sing without realizing it, and we yell out strange scat syllables when we see another member coming from across the courtyard. The absurdity of life can sneak up behind us at the most wonderful times. One of us was told the next few years of his life would be charmed and decided to challenge it by going after a lifelong dream. Another was drained of life and was just willing to try anything. They crossed paths, and somehow it set everything in motion. We're still not sure why all this happened. All we know is that today we are happy.

           The only regret we have is that no one has yet taken us up on our long-standing trademark performance offer. For $10,000, One song. Every member. In The Buff.

 's always better In The Buff.

Founders of In The Buff A Cappella
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